Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Application

Peanut Ball Trainer Application

You Must be a Peanut Ball Ambassador first

Make sure you complete the following assignments before completing the rest of the application.

Peanut Ball Trainer

A summary of what I learned and my implementation of learned knowledge on each individual item
37 Articles
14 Videos
4 Handouts
2 Podcasts
The Peanut Ball Book
The Peanut Ball Book
Set of 14 Childbirth Charts (includes Set of 5 Peanut Ball Charts and MUST be laminated)
Home Birth Chart
Peanut Ball PowerPoint
Peanut Ball - 40 cm (our brand)
Peanut Ball - 50 cm (our brand)
Peanut Ball - 60 cm (our brand)
Peanut Ball - 70 cm (our brand)
"Give Birth with Balls" Brown Peanut Ball T-shirt
"Give Birth with Balls" Sticker
"Give Birth with Balls" Tote Bag

Optional Items to purchase with one-time 30% discount:

  • Rebozo - Tell us your top 5 colors (we can see what we have in stock)
  • Rebozo In-Service Training Packages¬†
  • Dancing for Birth DVD
  • Birth Ball - 65cm
  • Birth Ball Cover - also fits a 40cm Peanut Ball
  • Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting (if you are a doula)


  • The Peanut Ball Book in color on Kindle (no discount available)

I am purchasing the above items for teaching.
I will receive a refund of 30 percent off a ONE-TIME order.
I can purchase optional items for 30 percent off when purchasing the required items.
No discount on peanut balls or online course.
Turn in all prerequisites before starting online course.
Purchase the required items above.
Complete all lessons in the online course.
Make a video to show how I teach peanut balls.
Complete all steps in the online course.