Educate childbirth professionals on the benefits and proper use of the peanut ball! 

At Premier Birth tools, we are passionate about providing the best tools for childbirth professionals to be successful in helping their clients and patients achieve satisfying childbirth experiences. One of our favorite tools is the Peanut Ball. We have had great success with our Peanut Ball Ambassador program, and we are now launching our Peanut Ball Trainer program!

Peanut Ball TrainerWhat is an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer?

An Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer is a doula trainer, a nurse educator or a childbirth educator. The trainer has an educator background certification. They have also gone through a training course and process to learn how to teach the correct use of the peanut ball by Premier Birth Tools. They will receive a discount on all products in the store. At the completion of the course, they will receive a certificate and an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer logo for their website. They MUST be a Peanut Ball Ambassador first in order to become an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer.

What will you learn in the Peanut Ball Trainer course?

The Peanut Ball can be an incredibly effective tool to help progress the labor process, offer comfort to laboring women, and may aid in preventing cesarean deliveries because of the way it helps to open the mother’s pelvis to allow the decent of the baby. When used correctly, the Peanut Ball offers amazing results! As a Peanut Ball Trainer, you will learn how to effectively use the peanut ball, and learn how to train others to use it properly as well! Some of the topics in the Peanut Ball Trainer course are:

  • What is a Peanut Ball?
  • Types of Peanut Balls
  • Safety With a Peanut Ball
  • Covering the Peanut Ball
  • Correctly Sizing a Peanut Ball
  • Positions for the Peanut Ball
  • Side Lying
  • Tuck Position
  • Semi Sitting
  • Hands and Knees Fire Hydrant Positions
  • Leaning Forward
  • Sitting on Peanut Ball
  • Pushing With a Peanut Ball
  • Research on the Peanut Ball

Get certified to become an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer!

In order to become a Peanut Ball Trainer, you must be a Peanut Ball Ambassador first. If you have not completed this step, start here with the Peanut Ball Ambassador application. If you have already completed that, you can head on over to the store and purchase your Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Course and Certification!