Join Premier Birth Tools in celebrating World Doula Week!


What is World Doula Week?

World Doula Week is a worldwide celebration of the doula profession, which is held March 22-28. World Doula Week actually began as Doula Day, and the first celebration was held in Israel on March 22, 2011. The entrepreneur of the Doula Day initiative, Ruti Karni Horowitz reached out to a prominent doula training and certification organization, CAPPA, to join the initiative. Since that collaboration, the Doula Day has expanded to include an entire week of celebration and according to the World Doula Week event manual, “It has since been agreed that this collaboration should not be exclusive to just one doula organization, but instead, include ALL doulas and doula organizations around the world. World Doula Week begins with World Doula Day on March 22nd and will go through March 28th annually. March 22nd was chosen because it is the spring equinox, which represents the return of fertility in countless cultures.”


How will you celebrate?

World Doula Week is an opportunity to celebrate your work as a doula and get the word out to the community about what you do. A great way thing to do during this week is to begin by thanking your clients and the professionals with whom you work and who already know what you do. Thank people for their support of you and the doula profession as a whole and let them know how grateful you are to be involved in such a rewarding global movement! You may want to send a gift or thank you notes personalized with your business logo to the following people:

  • Past and present clients
  • Doctors and Midwives with whom you have worked
  • Fellow Doulas or Doula Associations
  • Community organizations that support your work
  • Other business owners who refer clients to you
  • Childbirth Educators with whom you work


How will you promote your doula business?

World Doula Week is a not only a celebration of the work doulas do; it’s also an opportunity to get the word out to people who don’t know about doulas! Here are some ideas you can use to promote your business this week:

  • Utilize social media marketing by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blog or any other avenues about World Doula Week.
  • Have a giveaway or a contest and offer a rebozo, birth ball, peanut ball, or any of the amazing products in the Premier Birth Tools Store to customers or clients.
  • Donate a Peanut Ball to your local hospital or birth center!
  • Become a Doula by taking a doula training and join with doulas all over the world who provide amazing benefits


Join Premier Birth Tools in Celebrating World Doula Week!


We would love for you to leave a comment and share with us how you are celebrating World Doula Week. Feel free to link to your blog post, website, or Facebook page and tell everyone about the amazing work you do as a doula!