We are so excited that you have decided to take this journey to become an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer. This will assist us to correctly train doulas, nurses and midwives on how to use the peanut ball. Together we can achieve the goal of getting a peanut ball in every labor and delivery and birthing center. We cannot do this without your help.

An Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer is a doula trainer, a nurse educator or a childbirth educator. The trainer has an educator background certification. They have also gone through this training course and process to learn how to teach the correct use of the peanut ball by Premier Birth Tools. You will receive a coupon to obtain items you will need to be an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer. At the completion of the course, you will receive an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer logo for your website and a certificate. You MUST be a Peanut Ball Ambassador first BEFORE applying to become an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer and complete the requirements listed below.

Thank you for making my vision come true at Premier Birth Tools,

  • You have to be a Peanut ball Ambassador FIRST.
  • Fill out the Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Application.
  • You must be a childbirth educator, doula trainer, nurse, nurse educator, teacher, college professor or have another type of adult teaching background.
  • You will be required to send proof of one of the above certifications AFTER completing the course. If you do not have any of the above certifications, then please e-mail to see if you qualify for an exception with your background.
  • You will need to have the following before teaching:
    • Peanut Ball PowerPoint – Required
      • This is a PowerPoint used to provide in-services or training on how to use the peanut ball correctly. Perfect to use in hospitals for in-services.
    • Peanut Ball Booklet – Required
    • Peanut Ball Illustrated Chart 8×10 – Required
      • Laminated 7 positions and 21 pictures
    • Peanut ball both 40cm size and 50 cm – Required
    • Peanut ball cover – Optional
    • Peanut ball T-Shirt (Give Birth with Balls) – Optional
    • Childbirth Set of 6 charts that are 8×10 – Optional
  • All items are located in the Premier Birth Tools online store.

You will receive a 30% off coupon code which can be used on your next order if you need additional items from the store. This can only be used ONCE and will ensure that you get all your items.

The course contains the following steps:

  • Step 1 Read Content
    • What is a Peanut Ball?
    • Types of Peanut Balls
    • Safety With a Peanut Ball
    • Covering the Peanut Ball
    • Correctly Sizing a Peanut Ball
    • Positions for the Peanut Ball
    • Side Lying
    • Tuck Position
    • Semi Sitting
    • Hands and Knees Fire Hydrant Positions
    • Leaning Forward
    • Sitting on Peanut Ball
    • Pushing With a Peanut Ball
    • Research on the Peanut Ball
  • Step 2 Content Quiz
  • Step 3 Watch 3 YouTube Videos
  • Step 4 YouTube Video Quiz
  • Step 5 Make your own YouTube video and submit it
  • Step 6 Make a class outline and submit it
  • Step 7 Watch the Peanut Ball PowerPoint and read articles.
  • Step 8 Listen to Cheri Grant’s talk from the DONA convention – Optional
  • Step 9 Final Test
  • Step 10 Conference call with Cheri Grant
  • Step 11 Turn in all items required, complete lessons, steps, and quizzes then receive the certificate and authorized peanut ball logo
  • Step 12 Read Benefits of Being a Peanut Ball Trainer
  • Step 13 Understand Renewal Fee
  • Step 14 Newsletter
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