Doula and Childbirth Educator Labor Tools


Educational Resources for Doulas and Childbirth Educators

We love working with Doulas to provide tools to expand their business and Childbirth Educators learning how to integrate the Peanut Ball into their programs. We provide resources for Doulas and Childbirth Educators. These supplies are perfect for:

  • Prenatal interviews and labor position stations in childbirth class
  • Training Doulas and Childbirth Educators on the proper use of the Peanut Ball
  • Determining the correct size and position for their client in labor
Looking for Materials for a Peanut Ball Labor Skills Lab?
Pricing for our Peanut Balls and other educational resources,
8 x 10 Laminated Cards that are front and back with 225 colorful pictures that have a short description of each position

Basic Charts Included are:

 Peanut Ball Positions             Internal/External Peanut Ball Positions
Rebozo Positions                     Birthing Ball Positions
Peanut Ball Pushing Positions          Asymmetrical or OP Positions
Labor and Pushing Positions

Prenatal Interview

      • Explain the different labor positions your client might use during labor and birth
      • A resource tool to educate on comfort measures, safe positions, and techniques prior to and during labor

Childbirth Class Use in Labor Stations

      • Beneficial to have photos of different positions for the clients to view
      • Helps clients to understand and remember the information you provided
      • Demonstration tool for labor stations

Doula Bag

      • Helpful during labor as a quick visual for mom, instead of explaining a position to her while she is working hard or exhausted
      • A reminder of positions for yourself to explain and give examples for clients as a reference during labor

Twice lately I’ve done short tutorials for nurses and students on the peanut ball, as they were so interested in how I was positioning my clients. Of course I have those lovely laminated illustrated and colorful sheets from Premier Birth Tools, to show as well! Doing my little bit here in Cleveland, Ohio!

Connie Machan

Former RN/Doula

I purchased the charts last year and have used them at every birth since.

Marisa Nicol


I have the position charts,  I use them, combined with the peanut ball in childbirth classes while discussing optimal positioning, labor rehearsal, and positioning if you are using medical technology to cope with the intensity of labor.

Shannan Williams

Childbirth Educator/Doula

I’m here to say how incredible these charts are! I absolutely love them, as have my clients for visuals!! So helpful! 

Anna Marcelina Landt


A guide to creating your custom forms to grow your Doula business.

This guide is perfect for:

  • New Doulas starting their business
  • An experienced Doula updating her forms

Sample of Table of Contents

  • Intake Interview
  • Birth Doula Contract
  • How Doulas Can Help Engage Fathers during Labor and Birth
  • How to Help During Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss
  • Physician Prescription Pad to Refer Clients
  • Doula Marketing Tips
  • Helping Women Choose a Doula
  • Preparing Emotionally for Birth
And so many more…

These are a few of the forms included:

  • Release of Liability
  • Confidentiality Release
  • Planned C-Section Birth Plan
  • Partner’s Prenatal Interview
  • Postpartum Doula Agreement
  • Breastfeeding Score
  • Consent to Photograph
  • Pain Coping Styles
And so many more…

I just wanted to say that I ordered the Labor Support Forms book and it was a total lifesaver. I was so intimidated by the number of forms I needed.  But this book on cd was the perfect solution. I was able to copy and paste the content into Google drive and have a gorgeous series of uniform looking forms.  Can’t recommend enough! My doula charting forms are done thanks to Premier Birth Tools, LLC amazing Labor Support Forms disc. I was able to create over 40 forms in 2 days. I call that winning!

Sebrina Parker Schultz


Rebozo Chart has 45 colorful pictures showing 26 various positions employing the rebozo

  • These are wonderful to pack in your doula bag for labor

  • Made from 100% Cotton, 9 feet long, and hand washable

  • Authentically made in Mexico

  • Demonstrate how to use a rebozo in class

  • Use the rebozo chart to show photos on how to use in labor

  • Use to explain the purpose of a rebozo

  • Demonstration tool

Improve Patient Satisfaction
 71% positive feedback from laboring women-Payton, Carol L., “Use of the Peanut Ball to Decrease First and Second Stages of Labor” (2015).
Peanut Ball Decreases the Length of Labor
Reduce the length of labor by 90 min during the first stage of labor and 22 min during the second stage of labor-Tussey and Botsios, Reducing Length of Labor and Cesarean Surgery Rate Using a Peanut Ball for Women Laboring With an Epidural – PMC ( (2015).

Childbirth Educators: Incorporate Peanut Balls in Labor Position Stations in your Childbirth Class
Introducing different peanut ball positions in your childbirth class enables choices based on knowledge for the client during their labor and birth.