Give Birth With Balls T-shirt

Written for Premier Birth Tools by Missy David

Do you love the Peanut Ball? We at Premier Birth Tools LOVE the peanut ball! In fact, we love the Peanut Ball so much, our tagline is “Give Birth With Balls,” and we’re now proclaiming it loud and proud on our new Give Birth With Balls T-shirt.

 Peanut Balls are making a difference!

Peanut Balls are making a difference in so many labor and delivery rooms and helping doulas, nurses, midwives, and obstetricians a fabulous tool they can use to help their clients and patients in labor. Some feel the use of Peanut Balls could actually help to lower the cesarean rate in our country.

Give Birth With Balls T-shirt

Give Birth With Balls Logo

Promote the Peanut Ball

How do you promote the Peanut Ball? Do you want to tell the world how much you love Peanut Balls? We do, so we made a t-shirt with the Premier Birth Tools tagline, “Give Birth With Balls” on it. It’s a great conversation starter, and a great shirt you as a doula can wear to births. You can also wear your Give Birth With Balls T-shirt when you go and talk to nurses, midwives or other doulas about the benefits of the Peanut Ball.

50/50 Blend Ladies Cut

Many nurses and doulas are wearing the Give Birth With Balls T-shirt and love them. Made of a 50/50 blend and a ladies cut, they have a very flattering fit. Wear them everywhere. The Give Birth With Balls tagline is clever and puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them wonder, “What does Give Birth With Balls mean?” When they ask you, you can tell them all about the Peanut Ball!

Peanut Ball Ambassadors

If you REALLY love Peanut Balls, you should become a Peanut Ball Ambassador. The goal of Premier Birth Tools is to get a Peanut Ball into every hospital and birthing center in the United States and you can help us achieve that goal. Buy your Give Birth With Balls T-shirt and become a Peanut Ball Ambassador today!