If you are fortunate to go through labor and childbirth in a hospital that makes peanut balls available to its patients, you may think that the nurses know what they’re doing. If they offer a peanut ball or you request one, they may just grab the first one available to bring to you, regardless of size. Contrary to popular opinion, size does matter! So, how do you choose the correct size of peanut ball for your patient or client?

One size does not fit all!


After sizing hundreds of clients we have found that one size does NOT fit all. Peanut balls come in four different sizes in order to fit different clients, so it’s important that all four sizes are available at each hospital. Below are some valuable recommendations:

  • 40cm – Recommended for women who are under 5’3”
  • 50cm – Recommended for women who are 5’3″ to 5’6″ (Most common size)
  • 60cm – Recommended for women who are5’7″ or taller
  • 70cm – ONLY to sit on and straddle

Remember that it may be a different size ball depending on their hip to ankle length.

What’s so bad about using the wrong size?
Using the wrong size peanut ball is better than not using it at all, right? Maybe not!

Having the wrong size Peanut Ball can cause a few problems:

  • Using the incorrect size can cause hip problems – If the ball is too large, too much torque is placed in lateral aspect, with abduction of hip joint causing guarding, not relaxing. It’s very important to not let the ankle hang. This could cause the outlet to close more and pull on the hip.
  • Different positions may also require a different size – The side lying position may require adjustment. The semi sitting position may require a smaller size and the fire hydrant may require a larger size for the same client.

Watch and Learn!

Heather Turner, our authorized peanut ball trainer, produced some very informative videos that are incredibly helpful for learning to use the peanut ball. Check out the first one below:

You can find the rest of the peanut ball videos here.

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