The typical job description for a doula is to offer physical, emotional and informational support to mothers before, during and just after childbirth. Although doulas know this is their responsibility, it’s often left to the individual doula to figure out the how of this job description, so many childbirth professionals are wondering how to teach doula clients labor positions in preparation for childbirth.

Use prenatal appointments as teaching opportunities.

Most doulas offer at least one or two prenatal appointments to clients in an effort to get to know their clients on a more personal level and find out what they want and need in their birth. This is a great opportunity to introduce some information about labor positions. One of the ways birth doulas offer physical support to their clients during labor and delivery is by suggesting position changes and assisting the mother in achieving them. Laboring women will often choose their own positions by instinct as well.

Use visual aids to teach labor positions.

It can be challenging to describe various labor positions to a woman or couple who has never experienced childbirth, so a great way to convey the information is by using visual aids. You could physically demonstrate all of these positions, or create your own with drawings or photographs, but why invent the wheel if there is already a product available? Our Labor Position Charts have beautiful photos, are laminated, and easily portable. They’re the perfect size to drop in your doula bag to take with you to all your prenatal appointments!

Premier Birth Tools has what doulas need to teach labor positions.

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