It’s important when doulas begin their businesses to have a plan for how they will stay organized, gain information about their clients, and provide informational support. As key components of a doula’s role, these will require labor support forms, as well as other tools she can include in her doula packet or office documents. Author Alan Lakein is quoted as saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” So, what is your plan? How do you as a doula anticipate organizing client information and providing your clients with important information regarding their labor, birth and newborn choices?

Where to Find Labor Support Forms

In the book Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting, authors Cheri Grant, RN, ICCE, CLE, ICD, CD, BDT(DONA), and Polly Perez, RN, CD, share their combined 92 years of experience in nursing, doula work and doula training. The book includes 184 pages with over 100 forms and handouts for doulas to set up their practice.

What can I find in Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting?

In the 3rd edition of Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting, Grant and Perez have put all of their forms in a download version in order to make it easier than ever to save files on your computer in electronic form and print them whenever you need them! Some forms included in the book are:

  • Release of Liability
  • Confidentiality Release
  • Planned C-Section Birth Plan
  • Partner’s Prenatal Interview
  • Postpartum Doula Agreement
  • Breastfeeding Score
  • Consent to Photograph
  • Pain Coping Styles

Can I customize the labor support forms?

The most exciting part about the book being able to download is that all forms come in both Word and PDF format so you can customize each form to include your company’s logo and information! This way, you can look professional and prepared when meeting with your clients, while providing them with excellent information!

Is there an online version of Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting?

At Premier Birth Tools, we are so excited to announce that in addition to the download version of the book, Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting is now available through the Mobile Doula App, available in the App Store on iPad via the Mobile Doula App at check out. What’s more, when you try Mobile Doula, the first month is FREE! It’s important to note your iPad must be Generation 2 or higher or an iPhone 5 or higher. This version also has brand new labor positions, comfort measures and maternal positions in the latest update, which is also available at