Peanut Ball Ambassador Program



This Person is Committed to Make Sure that Doulas, Nurses, Midwives, Physicians, Birthing Centers and Hospitals are Informed About the Peanut Ball

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Your confidence will increase about using peanut balls with your clients as this program will assist you to improve their birth experience.

The ambassador will show their client HOW to use the peanut ball correctly. The ambassador will also visit the local hospitals and Birthing Centers to determine if they are using the peanut ball. The research and tips will be provided by Premier Birth Tools. This helps us achieve our goal of getting a peanut ball on every unit in the United States to assist in lowering the C-section rate.  As one of the research items, you will receive a Peanut Ball Positions Chart. 

You can show your clients HOW to use the peanut ball correctly.

ONLY Authorized Peanut Ball Trainers can TEACH peanut ball workshops to Train Nurses & Doulas

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As an Ambassador, you will receive the following:

  • FREE Peanut Ball Chart – Knowledge of how to use the peanut ball correctly
  • Your name listed on the website (see button below)
  • Receive the Peanut Ball Ambassador logo (see above) to place where ever you want, on social media and your website
  • Be featured on our Facebook and Instagram page as an Official Peanut Ball Ambassador (see left) to be shared with your freinds and clients
  • Tip sheet on peanut balls
  • Resource list for peanut balls
  • References about peanut balls to show nurses, if they ask questions
  • Receive a special coupon to use in the store. You get 40% off when you purchase 10 or more of the same positions chart. Along with 10% off of any product in the store.

Requirements to Become an Ambassador:

1. Pay the ONE TIME FEE located in the store – to be an official Peanut Ball Ambassador and receive the official logo along with listed on our website here 
2. Own The Peanut Ball book 
3. Own the Peanut Bundle, Set of 5 Positions Charts

* OR click the dropdown option of the Course + Book + Charts, if you don’t own the two products above

4. Complete Peanut Ball Ambassador Application form

5. Complete 1 Hospital Peanut Ball Information form

6. Watch 3 videos we send you in your application email AND tell us what you learned in each video.

7. Read The Peanut Ball book: Tell us 2 NEW positions you learned and the pages they are on

8. Send us a head shot

    Become a Peanut Ball Ambassador TODAY!

    Find more resources to assist others all about the peanut ball below

    The information you gather will educate the hospitals about an in-service and the products Premier Birth Tools offer