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Peanut balls are the latest labor and delivery tool, and they’re being used with great success. 

What is a Peanut Ball?

The peanut ball is an exercise or therapy ball that is shaped like a peanut: oblong shaped, larger on each end and slightly narrower in the middle. Peanut balls can be used for a variety of strength training or physical therapy needs as well as by laboring women.

Peanut Ball as a Birth Tool

Peanut balls are the latest birth tool to hit the birthing world, although they have been around awhile. The peanut ball can be used with or without an epidural. The peanut ball is placed between the laboring woman’s legs, opening the outlet to her pelvis while she relaxes. The peanut ball also helps the baby to descend into the pelvis through the inlet, rotate in the mid pelvis, and out through the outlet of the pelvis for shorter and faster labor and birth. The real payoff of the peanut ball comes through lowering Cesarean rates.

This shows 3 different sizes of peanut balls and the correct size for each of the women

Peanut Ball Sizes

After sizing hundreds of clients, we have found that one size does NOT fit all. Different positions require different peanut ball sizes for the same patient.  Learn more about correct sizing below.

Correct Peanut Ball Training for Nurses

Correct Peanut Ball Training Reduces Cesarean Rates
Cesarean rates were impressive decrease by 12%  Decrease the length of labor with the use of a labor ball with patients that receive an epidural” (2011)

In a research study, 6 months after nurses attend an in-service training on how to correctly use the peanut balls, researchers found that training nurses decreased the cesarean rate by another 6% –Palladino, Jena, Severi, Erica R., Bowman, Donna, Nurse-Driven Labor Initiatives to Reduce Cesarean Rates – Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing ( ( 2019) Nurses were trained with the Peanut Ball Set of 5 Charts along with The Peanut Ball: Basic and Advanced techniques for Use During Labor and Delivery book.

Peanut Ball Decreases the Length of Labor
Reduce the length of labor by 90 min during the first stage of labor and 22 min during the second stage of labor-Tussey and Botsios, Reducing Length of Labor and Cesarean Surgery Rate Using a Peanut Ball for Women Laboring With an Epidural – PMC ( ( 2015)

Improve Patient Satisfaction
 71% positive feedback from laboring women-Payton, Carol L., “Use of the Peanut Ball to Decrease First and Second Stages of Labor” (2015).

There are now over 50 peanut ball positions. For the best tool, take a look at The Peanut Ball Book

These are the best tools on HOW to use the peanut ball.

Instructional Guide

the peanut ball book

Book instructs on

HOW to do the position

Visual Guide

Set of 5 Charts

SHOWS client the position

Doulas and Childbirth Educators with the Peanut Ball

Doulas: Integrate the Peanut Ball into your Prenatal Visits and During Labor
Prepare clients for labor with information about peanut balls positions. Carry Peanut Ball Set of 5 Charts along with The Peanut Ball: Basic and Advanced techniques for Use During Labor and Delivery book in your doula bag to a visit to show their choices of peanut ball positions.

Childbirth Educators: Incorporate Peanut Balls in Labor Position Stations in your Childbirth Class
Introducing different peanut ball positions in your childbirth class enables choices based on knowledge for the client during their labor and birth.

Improve Client Satisfied Labor Experience Within the Birth Childbirth Class  Space
This is with shared decision making. control and trust felt by the client based on client-centered respectful care.  It has been shown that there is 71% positive feedback using peanut balls from laboring women – Carol Payton

Meet Your Mentors

Cheri Grant

Cheri Grant


The founder, chief contributor and inspiration for Premier Birth Tools is Cheri Grant RN, ICCE, CLC, ICD, CLD, CD BDT(DONA). Recently, Childbirth Graphics crowned her “The Peanut Ball Lady!” For over 42 years, she has served women as a labor and delivery nurse, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, national speaker, author, doula trainer and doula. She has helped with over 2,786 delivers in the 42 years. Cheri founded DONEOK, a Tulsa Doula community group of doulas that help trained and supported doulas for over 20 years.
Tiffany Graves

Tiffany Graves


Premier Birth Tools owner, Tiffany Graves, is a woman committed to bringing you the premier labor and birth tools you need to succeed in your business. Her vision is to assist you with in giving your clients the best possible birth by providing you with tools, as well as the educational materials you need to utilize them with expertise.

Premier Birth Tools sells birth tools and products for Doulas, Clients, Childbirth Educators, Nurses and Midwives. The company is committed to equipping you with excellent resources for your professional needs. We want to excite hospital staff, doulas, midwives and others in taking care of their clients with evidence based educational resources, birth tools, and innovative labor support skills in services and power point. You can find many tools for your business or birth place in our store.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent educational resources for nurses, doulas, doula trainers, childbirth educators, and hospitals so they can provide excellent care to their clients.


To see that every labor and delivery unit at every hospital and birthing center in the United States has a peanut ball and an illustrated positional chart that shows correct positioning in an effort to lower the C-section rate in the United states and to expand these products internationally.