Peanut Balls for Birth

The Arizona Republic reported in 2011 that Banner Health had decided to ship Peanut Balls to each and every one of its Labor and Delivery wards. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Banner operates 25 different hospitals. When nurses desiring to lower the cesarean rate at their hospital began seeing positive results using this peanut-shaped exercise ball, Christina Tussey (a clinical-nurse specialist at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center) decided to focus more intently and conduct some tests. Her results were convincing, showing the first stage of labor shortened by 90 minutes, and the second stage shortened by 23 minutes in patients who used the peanut ball. Cesarean rates were impressive as well, with a percentage 13 points lower than the group that did not use the ball.

Premier Birth Tools Peanut Ball Ambassador

Does Your Hospital or Birthing Center Carry Peanut Balls?

A Peanut What?

Peanut balls are exercise balls that are in the shape of a peanut, rather than spherical. Since they are narrow in the middle, and slightly wider on the edges, they are ideal for use in labor. The peanut ball can be placed in between the laboring mother’s legs, helping her to achieve a squat-like position, thus widening the pelvic outlet and easing the baby’s descent into the birth canal.

How Can You Get Peanut Balls At Your Hospital?

Does your hospital or birthing center carry peanut balls? If not, consider becoming a Peanut Ball Ambassador to raise awareness in your community, provide education and resources to professionals in your area.

What Is A Peanut Ball Ambassador?

A Peanut Ball Ambassador is a doula, childbirth educator, or birth advocate (whether professional or not) who is committed to make sure those in the childbirth community know what a peanut ball is.

What Does A Peanut Ball Ambassador Do?

Ambassadors go into hospitals and birthing centers in their community to accomplish the following:

  • Locate facilities that are both, using and not using Peanut Balls
  • Report to Premier Birth Tools in order to populate our directory
  • Find out if the facility is interested in holding an in-service presentation for the staff about peanut balls and how to use them.
  • If they are interested in an in-service, refer them to a Peanut Ball Trainer!

Benefits of Being a Peanut Ball Ambassador

As a Peanut Ball Ambassador, you receive many benefits! These include:

  • A Peanut Ball Illustrated Chart Card for free to take with you. This helps to get the nurses interested in the peanut ball and how to use it correctly
  • Special coupons to use in the store and a free item later, depending on how many forms you get filled out and turned in: 10% for 2, then 15% for 5, and 20%  for 8 or more
  • Tips sheet on how to get into the hospital and birthing center to get the peanut ball survey form filled out
  • Tip sheet on Peanut Balls
  • Resource list for Peanut Balls
  • References about Peanut Balls to show nurses if they ask questions
  • Peanut Ball survey form to be filled out by you and turned into to us
  • Listing on website as an official Peanut Ball Ambassador after turning in 2 completed forms in your area from different sources, such as hospitals or birthing centers
  • May schedule a free phone consult about the Peanut Ball
  • You may purchase more Peanut Ball Chart Cards as an Ambassador at 40% off of 10 or more 

Become a Peanut Ball Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming a Peanut Ball Ambassador with Premier Birth Tools? If you are, you will be provided everything you need to conduct assessments, presentations and you can even donate a Peanut Ball to your local hospital or birthing center! Leave us a comment and let us know if your local childbirth facility has Peanut Balls available for laboring mothers and consider applying to become a Peanut Ball Ambassador!