Written for Premier Birth Tools by Missy David, BS, CD(DONA), CYBET

Although many childbirth professionals have been using Peanut Balls for birth with their clients and patients in labor for decades, these balls are really creating a buzz now! These peanut-shaped exercise balls can be used in a variety of ways to ease the discomfort of childbirth and progress labor. Laboring mothers can sit on them, lean forward over them in a hand-and-knees position or place the peanut ball between their legs while in a side-lying position to help with the birth process.

Peanut balls birth

Women demonstrating the use of different sized peanut-balls.

Different Sized Peanut Balls

Peanut Balls come in different sizes. The sizes available are 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, and 70 cm. There are several sizes of peanut balls, so it is important to have the correct size for your client during her birth.

What Is The Correct Size?

The size of peanut ball you use with a client or patient in childbirth depends on how tall she is, or more importantly the length of her leg from hip to ankle. This will tell you how big the peanut ball should be and what size. It’s also important to know how much to inflate the ball, and it will come with inflation instructions when you purchase a peanut ball. See our illustrated peanut ball position charts that are available to help you determine which balls are best and how they will look when used properly! Some general rules of thumb are:

  • 70cm – is recommended for sitting on only, and not to be used in the side-lying position
  • 60cm – for tall or plus sized women
  • 50cm – for average sized women
  • 40cm – for petite women or those with shorter legs

I Can’t Afford More Than One; Which Size Fits Most Women?

If you are just beginning your Peanut Ball collection, or can only purchase one, consider choosing a size that is likely to fit most women. The 50cm peanut ball generally accommodates most women, and can even be deflated slightly to fit shorter mothers. It is important to ensure it is a burst resistant ball and is latex free. The 40cm Peanut Ball can also fit most clients, and can be inflated to maximum capacity to fit larger or taller women.

Give Birth With Balls!

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