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Grant, Cheri (2022) Peanut Ball: Basic and Advanced Techniques for Use During Labor and Delivery Also on Amazon available as an e-book in color or print black and white.

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How Do Peanut Balls Support Labor?

by Rebecca Dekker, PhD RN (Sept. 26, 2018) | Evidence Based Birth EBB 45

The Peanut Ball and The Pelvis

by Deb Flashenberg (Sept. 16, 2020) | Prenatal Yoga Center

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As our gift to you, we have a Free PDF Peanut Ball Labor and Delivery Nurse Packet for hospitals, nurses, and midwives. Mark the last check box. It includes: sizes of peanut balls for your unit, different peanut ball positions, how to size Peanut Balls for each patient, and the evidence based research on the Peanut Ball.