Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Course & Certification



  • You have to be a Peanut ball Ambassador FIRST.
  • Fill out the Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Application.
  • You must be a childbirth educator, doula trainer, nurse, nurse educator, teacher, college professor or have another type of adult teaching background.
  • You will be required to send proof of one of the above certifications AFTER completing the course. If you do not have any of the above certifications, than please e-mail to see if you qualify for an exception with your background.
  • You will need to have the following before teaching:
    • Peanut Ball Power Point- Required
      • This is a PowerPoint used to provide in-services or training on how to use the peanut ball correctly. Perfect to use in hospitals for in-services.
    • Peanut Ball Booklet – Required
    • Peanut Ball Illustrated Chart 8×10 – Required
      • Laminated 7 positions and 21 pictures
    • Peanut ball both 40cm size and 50 cm – Required
    • Peanut ball cover – Optional
    • Peanut ball T-Shirt (Give Birth with Balls) – Optional
    • Childbirth Set of 6 charts that are 8″x10″ – Optional
  • All items are located on the Premier Birth Tools online store.