Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Course & Certification


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  1. You have to be a Peanut Ball Ambassador FIRST.
  2. Complete the Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Application.
  3. You must be a childbirth educator, doula trainer, nurse, nurse educator, teacher, college professor or have another type of adult teaching background.
  4. You will be required to send proof of one of the above certifications BEFORE completing the course.
    • If you do not have any of the above certifications, then please e-mail to see if you qualify for an exception with your background.
  5. Purchase Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer Course in the Store (MUST be purchased SEPARATELY from the other items below)
  6. The following are REQUIRED to have before starting the course:
    • Peanut Ball PowerPoint – This is a PowerPoint used to provide in-services or training on how to use the peanut ball correctly. Perfect to use in hospitals for in-services.
    • Peanut Ball Booklet
    • Childbirth Set of 7 Charts that are 8×10
    • Peanut Ball DVD
    • Handout Tips for Nurses Using Peanut Balls
    • Handout Peanut Ball Skills Lab Check off List
    • Peanut Balls (our brand only) in all 4 sizes – 40cm, 50 cm, 60cm and 70cm
    • Peanut Ball Cover – you choose which size you want
    • Peanut Ball T-Shirt (Give Birth with Balls)
    • Peanut Ball Home Birth Chart  8×10 – Shows Internal and External rotation of hips and how to place feet correctly on peanut ball
  7. Optional Items:
    • Rebozo – Shows positions on peanut ball and how to carry it
    • Massage Roller – How to use it with peanut ball
    • Dancing for Birth DVD – Use it with the peanut ball
    • Peanut Ball In-Service Packages

All items are located in the Premier Birth Tools online store.

You will receive a 30% off coupon code which can be used on your next order if you need additional items from the store. This can only be used ONCE and will ensure that you get all your items. Note – the Peanut Ball Hospital Starter Kit has most of these items you need to get started. There is no discount on the starter kit.


  1. Complete Course

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