Birthing Ball Positional Chart


Illustrated Positions for the Birthing Ball



Birthing Ball Positional Chart, Laminated – $10.00

Includes 25 pictures representing 12 different positions using the birth ball. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor and pushing.

8 X 10 laminated card that is front and back. Names of each position. Perfect for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, midwives and labor and delivery nurses.

Available to download in PDF format – $8.00
Available to download in PDF format + Laminated – $16.00

Birth Ball 65 cm with Birth Ball Position Chart – $39.99, save $5.00

  • Birth Ball Position Chart, laminated – $10.00
  • Birth Ball 65 cm – Perfect for people who are 5’0″-5’7″; Most Common Size; $35.99
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    • They are the leader in health products with durable construction, long-lasting materials
    • Made of Latex Free and burst-resistant PVC material; safety of client is top priority
    • Tested to hold static weight up to 1,000 pounds

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