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Tips to Using the Peanut Ball Downloads

  • Tips for Nurses Using the Peanut Ball – includes 11 pages
  • Skills Lab Proficiency Check Off List – includes 1 page
  • Choosing Correct Size of Peanut Ball – includes 2 pages
  • Cleaning the Peanut Ball – includes 1 page
  • Covering the Peanut Ball – includes 1 page
  • Storing the Peanut Ball – includes 2 pages

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Childbirth Position Charts Download

  • Basic Peanut Ball Original Positions – includes 11 pictures
  • Advanced Peanut Ball Positions –  includes 11 pictures
  • Basic Rebozo Positions – includes 16 pictures
  • Advanced Rebozo Positions – includes 15 pictures
  • Basic Birth Ball Positions – includes 11 pictures
  • Advanced Birth Ball Positions – includes 11 pictures
  • Basic Asymmetrical and OP Positions – includes 16 pictures
  • Advanced Asymmetrical and Op Positions – includes 23 pictures
  • Basic Labor Positions – includes 14 pictures
  • Advanced Labor Positions – includes 12 pictures
  • Basic Pushing Positions – includes 18 pictures
  • Basic Sheets for Pushing – includes 13 pictures
  • All Basic Set of 6 Download Childbirth Positions Charts – includes 86 pictures
  • All Advanced Set of 6 Download Childbirth Positions Charts – includes 85 pictures
  • All  Set of 12 Basic and Advanced  Download Childbirth Positions Charts – includes 171 pictures

Labor Support Forms: A Guide to Doula Charting

Written by Cheri Grant, RN, ICCE, CLE, ICD, CD, BTD(DONA) and Polly Perez, RN, CD. Cheri has 42 years of experience and Polly has 50 years of experience in perinatal nursing, Doulas, Doula trainers, and childbirth educators. This is the 3rd edition book on CD. It includes 184 pages with over 100 forms and handouts for doulas to set up their practice. It is in Word and PDF Format so that you can Save to your computer and customize the forms with your OWN logo. A few included are:

  • Release of Liability
  • Confidentiality Release
  • Planned C-Section Birth Plan
  • Postpartum Doula Agreement
  • Breastfeeding Score
  • Pain Coping Styles

And so much more!  Visit Page

Also works with electronic charting Mobile Doula app in App Store on iPad via Mobile Doula App. Try Mobile Doula App, and the first month is FREE! iPad must be Generation 2 or higher, also on iphone 5 or higher. Check it out at Also on Facebook.


  • Labor Support Forms – PDF
  • Labor Support Forms – Word
  • Adoption Birth Plan – includes 6 pages
  • Birth Doula Contract – includes 8 pages
  • Birth Plan for a Stillbirth – includes 3 pages
  • Breastfeeding Solutions Check List – includes 6 pages
  • Consent to Use Photographs – includes 1 page
  • Partner’s Prenatal Interview – includes 2 pages
  • Prenatal Questionnaire – includes 3 pages
  • Release from Liability for Social Media – includes 1 page

Peanut Ball PowerPoint: A Useful Tool for Reducing Length of Labor

   Available in PDF and powerpoint

Perfect for teaching and learning how to use the peanut ball correctly. This is wonderful for hospital or birthing center in-services, childbirth education classes, and Doula Trainers. This powerpoint includes 70 slides consisting of 15 positions for the peanut ball with or without an epidural; unpublished and evidence based research; and choosing the correct size for your client. 2nd edition

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