Peanut Ball DVD – Illustrates How to Use the Peanut Ball


Illustrates How to Use the Peanut Ball


A DVD illustrates on how to use the Peanut Ball correctly.

First of all, this DVD is perfect for teaching and learning how to use the peanut ball correctly. In addition, this is wonderful for hospital in-services, childbirth education classes, midwives, doulas, and labor and delivery nurses . Especially relevant, this DVD illustrates the following:

  • Noteworthy positions for the peanut ball
  • Consequently, choosing the correct size for your client
  • Included are information on which positions to use for baby: above the Inlet, Mid-pelvis and Outlet


Length approx. 20 min. Peanut Ball & Labor Coping skills presented by Amy Bookwalter, an authorized Peanut Ball trainer.

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