“Give Birth with Balls” Sticker


Put on cups, tumblers, notebooks (to name a few) to display your enthusiasm for peanut balls.

**Sample products ONLY. NOT available to order!!**

Introducing "Give Birth with Balls" Stickers, the essential accessory for birth professionals dedicated to championing the benefits of peanut balls during childbirth. Crafted from durable, water-resistant plastic and boasting a glossy white finish, these square 4"x 4" and 2" x 2" stickers are built to withstand the demands of hospital environments while boldly advocating for their cause.

Featuring an easy peel-off tab, these stickers offer effortless application to a variety of surfaces, including water bottles, laptops, notebooks, and more. Whether you're a nurse, midwife, doula, or an enthusiastic Peanut Ball Ambassador, these stickers serve as a potent tool for raising awareness about the importance of peanut balls in improving birthing experiences.

By proudly displaying "Give Birth with Balls" stickers, you not only express your support for peanut ball benefits but also spark meaningful discussions and educate expectant parents about their invaluable role. Join the movement and empower mothers to embrace safer, more positive birthing journeys with these eye-catching and impactful stickers.