Home Birth Peanut Ball Positions Chart


These positions can also be used at the hospital

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Home Birth Positions Chart: $10.00


  • This NEW chart has over 19 pictures representing 10 positions using the Peanut Ball at a home birth.
  • This 8 X 10 laminated card is front and back which includes the name of each position. Wonderful for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, and Labor & Delivery Nurses.
  • In addition, this chart includes information on which Peanut Ball position to use for baby that is:
    • Above the Inlet
    • Mid-pelvis
    • Outlet
  • Demonstrating external and internal rotation of the hips.
  • They are created from Amy Bookwalter’s positions for using the Peanut Ball with her Signature:
    • Plié positions
    • Do the Twist positions
    • Dorothy Kick positions
  • This page is perfect for home births or midwives.
Peanut Ball Bundle, Set of 5 Charts – Laminated: $40.00