MORE Rebozo Chart




MORE Rebozo Positional Chart, Laminated – $10.00

Includes 55 pictures representing 42 different positions using the rebozo. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor, pushing, and post partum.

8 X 10 laminated cards that are front and back. Names of each position. Perfect for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, midwives and labor and delivery nurses.

Original Rebozo Chart, Laminated – $10.00

Includes 45 pictures representing 26 different positions using the rebozo.

Original and More Rebozo, Set of 2 Charts, Laminated — $20.00

Both charts include 100 pictures representing 68 different positions using the rebozo


Mexican Cotton Rebozo with Rebozo Chart – $49.99, save $5

Original Rebozo Positional Chart, Laminated – $10.00

Mexican Cotton Rebozo – $44.99

  • 100% cotton
  • Handcrafted by the indigenous artisan women of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Available in 8.9 ft long plus 4 inches of fringe on both ends
  • Full length of 114 inches x 26.8 inches wide
  • *Colors and patterns may vary from picture shown, depending on stock availability*

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