Peanut Ball Ambassador Program


A peanut ball ambassador is a doula, childbirth educator, nurse, ICAN member or a mom committed to give the knowledge of the peanut ball to doulas, nurses, midwives, physicians, birthing centers and hospitals.



The ambassador will visit the local hospitals and research their knowledge and possible use of the peanut ball. The research will be provided by Premier Birth Tools. They would report their findings to Premier Birth Tools which will be placed on the community board on the website for everyone. This helps us achieve our goal of getting a peanut ball on every unit in the United States to assist in lowering the C-section rate. As one of the research items, you will receive a Peanut Ball Chart. The research will include informing the hospitals about an in-service and the products Premier Birth Tools offer.

Being a part of this Peanut Ball Ambassador program you do receive several benefits which include:
Official Peanut Ball Ambassador

  1. A Peanut Ball Illustrated Chart Card for free to take with you. This helps to get the nurses interested in the peanut ball and how to use it correctly
  2.  You must watch 3-10  videos and telling us what you learned in each video link we send.
  3. Tips sheet on how to get into the hospital and birthing center to get the peanut ball survey form filled out
  4. Tip sheet on peanut balls
  5. Resource list for peanut balls
  6. References about peanut balls to show nurses, if you want to show them and they ask questions
  7. Peanut ball survey form to be filled out by you and turned into to us
  8. Listed on the website as an official peanut ball ambassador after turning in 1 hospital form, a head shot,  application, paying for ambassador program ,watching 3 videos and telling us what you learned.
  9. Must fill out Peanut Ball Ambassador application— this is on the Peanut Ball page, the link is at the bottom of the page
  10. May schedule a free phone consult about the peanut ball
  11. You will get a special coupon to use in the store. You may purchase more peanut ball cards as an ambassador at 10 or more is 40% off, if you buy in bulk

Remember as a Peanut Ball Ambassador you can not officially do an in-service on peanut balls only Authorized Peanut Ball Trainers who have completed the educational program.

Click here to find out more information about becoming a Peanut Ball Ambassador

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