Peanut Ball Power Point


A PowerPoint on how to teach and use the peanut ball correctly. NEW 3rd edition

Peanut Ball PowerPoint: $20.00 - $30.00

Perfect for teaching or learning how to use the peanut ball correctly. This is wonderful for hospital or birthing center in-services, childbirth education classes, Doula Trainers or self-study. 3rd edition.

This PowerPoint includes:

  • 79 slides consisting of 50 positions for the peanut ball with or without an epidural
  • Unpublished and evidence-based research
  • Choosing the correct size for your client or patient
  • and so much more
Available to download on PowerPoint – $25.00
Available to download on PDF – $20.00
Available to download on PDF + PowerPoint – $30.00
Available to download on PDF with referencing to The Peanut Ball book – $22.00
Teaching Bundle: $69.99
  1. Peanut Ball PowerPoint
  2. The Peanut Ball Book – Instructional guide on HOW to do the position
    • Includes 17 Chapters with 224 Pages and over 200 Pictures

      When you’re only using the peanut ball in 1 way, you’re not helping your client in the best way possible.

      Most people know only a few positions on how to use the peanut ball. YET there are over 50 positions that can be used for the peanut ball. Some include: Basic, Advanced, Labor, and Pushing positions; knowing how to use internal and external rotation of femur; inlet, mid pelvis, and outlet positions; correct knee placement positions and more. Cheri Grant has 50 years in labor and delivery along with being a national speaker. She then became an expert Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer. Cheri set out to learn about using the peanut ball with many of her clients because she wanted to be creative and give the best birth experience to her clients. She wants to share her many years of peanut ball knowledge with you in this book.

      In The Peanut Ball Book, you will:

      • Take a deeper look on how to safely and effectively use peanut balls
      • Hear true stories of how the peanut ball worked, along with supporting evidence-based research
      • Learn new peanut ball positions, correct knee placement with internal and external rotation of femur
      • Discover which position to use if baby is in the inlet, midpelvis or outlet

      After learning these many positions, you will become more confident in helping your client and it may decrease cesarean rates by 13% or better.

  3. Peanut Ball Bundle, Set of 5 Charts – Laminated. VISUAL guides to SHOW your client the position.