Peanut Ball Starter Kit – Hospital


If you’ve heard about the peanut ball and want it on your floor, but don’t know what you need or how to use it – this is the perfect kit.

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All 4 Peanut Balls – 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, and 70cm; $244.96

  • AeroMat® is the top of the line and what most hospitals use
  • They are the leader in health products with durable construction, long-lasting materials
  • Made Latex Free with Anti-burst Technology PVC material
  • Has small grooves to provide extra traction
  • Comfortable, easy to use
  • Warranty: manufacturer’s discretion
  • Only available in colors as shown
How to Choose the Right Peanut Ball for You – all included


40cm – Recommended for women who are under 5′ 3

Aeromat Blue Peanut Ball-copy

50cm – Recommended for women who are 5’3″ to 5’6″ (Most Common Size)

Peanut ball 60 cm red

60cm – Recommended for women who are 5’7″ or taller

Peanut Ball 70cm yellow pic 1

70cm – ONLY to sit on and straddle



1 Set of 7 Childbirth Positions 8 x 10 Charts – $40

Includes all our charts with over 225 pictures 8 X 10 laminated cards that are front and back. Colorful pictures. Short description of each position. Many are in a hospital setting. Perfect for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, midwives and labor and delivery nurses.

Charts included are:

  • Peanut Ball Positions – $10
  • New Peanut Ball Positions – $10
  • Robozo Positions – $10
  • Birthing Ball Positions – $10
  • Sheets for Pushing Positions – $10
  • Asymmetrical or OP Positions – $10
  • Labor and Pushing Positions – $10

1 Peanut Ball Booklet – $9.99

A written description and compliments the Peanut Ball Power Point. This booklet describes:

  • The types of Peanut Balls
  • Safety of the Peanut Ball
  • Covering of the Peanut Ball
  • Correct Sizes of the Peanut Ball
  • Reasons to use the Peanut Ball
  • Positions of the Peanut Ball
  • Research of the Peanut Ball
  • Evidence Based References
  • Several Examples of the Peanut Ball

1 Peanut Ball PowerPoint – $35.99

Perfect for teaching and leaning how to use the Peanut Ball correctly. This is wonderful for hospital or birthing center in-services, childbirth education classes, and Doula Trainers. 2nd edition.

This PowerPoint includes:

  • 70 slides consisting of 15 positions for the Peanut Ball with or without an epidural
  • Unpublished and evidence based research
  • Choosing the correct size for your client or patient

1 Peanut Ball DVD – $40

This DVD is perfect for teaching and learning how to use the Peanut Ball correctly. In addition, this is wonderful for hospital in-services, childbirth education classes, midwives, doulas, and labor and delivery nurses . Especially relevant, this DVD illustrates the following:

  • Noteworthy positions for the Peanut Ball
  • Consequently, choosing the correct size for your client
  • Included are information on which positions to use for baby: above the Inlet, Mid-pelvis and Outlet

Length approx. 20 min. Peanut Ball & Labor Coping skills presented by Amy Bookwalter, an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer.

1 PDF Peanut Ball Informational Nurse Packet – FREE


Retail Price – $370.94; save $80.95


Call for discounts if purchasing several for Doula agencies or hospital:  918.606.4561
Purchase orders accepted through email:

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