Peanut Balls


We carry top of the line peanut balls.

*Peanut balls do not come with a pump. Pumps are sold separately below.*

If stock is low or out, please contact us.

Peanut Balls: $59.99 - $99.99

  • AeroMat® is the top of the line and what most hospitals use
  • They are the leader in health products with durable construction, long-lasting materials
  • Made Latex Free with Anti-burst Technology PVC material
  • Has small grooves to provide extra traction
  • Comfortable, easy to use
  • Warranty: manufacturer’s discretion
  • Only available in colors as shown

How to Choose the Right Peanut Ball for You

  • Peanut ball size (in centimeters) indicates the diameter of both lobes, in other words, it indicates the peanut ball vertical height when laid down horizontally


40cm – Recommended for women who are under 5′ 3

(Approximately 86 cm length and about 38 cm in height)

Aeromat Blue Peanut Ball-copy

50cm – Recommended for women who are 5’3″ to 5’6″

(Approximately 98 cm length and about 48 cm in height)

Peanut ball 60 cm red

60cm – Recommended for women who are 5’7″ or taller

(Approximately 109 cm length and about 52 cm in height)
Peanut Ball 70cm yellow pic 1

70cm – ONLY to sit on and straddle

(Approximately 132 cm length and about 63 cm in height)

Peanut Ball 50 cm with Original Peanut Ball Positional Chart – $74.99
Aeromat Blue Peanut Ball-copy
Peanut Ball 50 cm


Original Peanut Ball Positional Chart
  • Includes 22 pictures representing 7 different positions using the Peanut Ball
  • Demonstrates positions with and without the epidural
  • Illustrates all four sizes of Peanut Balls
  • Includes cleaning, covering, and choosing the correct size for your client
Peanut Ball Bundle, Set of 5 Charts - $40.00
In-Service Training Premium Package - $99.99
2-Way Hand Pump - $15.00
  • Tool for pumping peanut balls or birthing balls
  • 11″ in length
  • Allows for air in and air out
Replacement Ball Plug - $2.00

All of our balls come with 1 plug

  • ONLY for our brand of Aeromat birthing balls or peanut balls we provide
  • Plugs are NOT interchangeable between brands.
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