Childbirth Positions 8 x 10 Charts – Set of 7


Illustrated Positions for All 7 Charts



Includes all our charts with over 225 pictures 8 X 10 laminated cards that are front and back. Colorful pictures. Short description of each position. Many are in a hospital setting. Perfect for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, midwives and labor and delivery nurses.

Charts included are:

  • Peanut Ball Positions – $10
  • New Peanut Ball Positions – $10
  • Robozo Positions – $10
  • Birthing Ball Positions – $10
  • Sheets for Pushing Positions – $10
  • Asymmetrical or OP Positions – $10
  • Labor and Pushing Positions – $10

Childbirth Positional Charts – Set of 7 Download – $35

Childbirth Positional Charts – Set of 7 Laminated – $40

Childbirth Positional Charts – Set of 7 Download + Laminated – $55

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4 reviews for Childbirth Positions 8 x 10 Charts – Set of 7

  1. Anna Marcelina Landt, Doula

    I’m here to say how incredible these charts are! I absolutely love them, as have my clients for visuals!! So helpful!

  2. Marisa Nicol, Doula

    I purchased the charts last year and have used them at every birth since.

  3. Connie Machan, Former RN/Doula

    Twice lately I’ve done short tutorials for nurses and students on the peanut ball, as they were so interested in how I was positioning my clients. Of course I have those lovely laminated illustrated and colorful sheets from Premier Birth Tools, to show as well! Doing my little bit here in Cleveland, Ohio!

  4. Shannan Williams, Childbirth Educator/Doula

    I have the position charts, I use them, combined with the peanut ball in childbirth classes while discussing optimal positioning, labor rehearsal, and positioning if you are using medical technology to cope with the intensity of labor.

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