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Customer Service

Premier Birth Tools provides excellent resources, inspiring educational presentations and great products for every birthing person, childbirth educator, doula and all birth providers. I love their products and include them in all my workshops and births.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, NJ

Orgasmic Birth: Doula Training, Childbirth Classes

I have bought products from Premier Birth Tools for years. They have fast service and their tool quality is excellent. I love trying out each new product that has been so helpful to me!

Rebekah Porter, TN

Blissful Birthing

I have purchased some birth tools from Tiffany and I have been very happy with the products!

Christine Golcher, PA

Christine's Care & Compassion

The kindest emails I’ve gotten in a long time. You’ve won a customer for sure. So grateful for kind people. Thank you so much! So grateful for such good customer service!

Hannah Craddock, TN

I cannot thank you enough!
Thank you soooo much.

Kris Bailey, NY

Birth & Baby Services

Childbirth Charts

I have placed several orders with the intention to increase my coworkers’ knowledge and also our patients’ knowledge. I have placed your charts in binders so the patients can browse though whether they are having a natural delivery or a medicated delivery to choose positions for labor.

Amanda Hovey, MT

Labor and Delivery Nurse

I am ordering more laminated charts!  Yesterday I taught my DNP project. My Director came to me and said that there are already requests to have this material in every labor room. The staff love them! Thank you for these charts. They are a wonderful product to help our nurses and patients.

Mimi Dent, CA

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Love using their position sheets for a visual aid when describing positions to clients!!!

Ailish Lewis, CT

Birthing Bravely Doula Services

The Peanut Ball Book

Great book. Clear, comprehensive, excellent tool for nurses, Physicians and patients education.

Florentina Bean, TX

RN, Women's Hospital of Texas

Love that this book is in full color, shows great pictures for positions to use the peanut ball, and will help tremendously for my future clients. This book is a must have for any doula. Thank you Cheri Grant, for such great information and making me feel like I get to take you to every birth with me. Its a major plus that I can access this right from my phone.

Kimmie Stratmann, OK


I liked the book, because of the concept of “use of peanut ball”, including “basic and advanced positions”with beautiful pictures explained in a  simple and understandable way, which will impress the readers.
I found it is very very useful,  and I will surely recommend this book to my colleagues and staff nurses – about the availability of this.
Pratibha Kamath, India

Assistant Professor Department of OBG Nursing Manipal College of Nursing, Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer

Finally there’s a peanut ball book!! Thank you Cheri Grant for compiling all of the knowledge and tips for using the peanut ball in one convenient place. Peanut balls have excellent potential for advancing labor, and providing options for people who have limited mobility during birth. Using a peanut ball can shorten labor with an epidural by a few HOURS!!! If you want one comprehensive resource for how to store, clean, size your ball and hundreds of positions to use with patients and clients, this is your book. It’s full of photos so you don’t have to guess at what’s being described. Large peanut balls are an excellent tool for large bodied or fat birthing people as it supports the joints and allows for more positioning options. The book also covers the most recent research; choosing the correct size ball; and when not to use a peanut ball. If you are a parent wanting to know how to avoid interventions for lack of labor progress, become familiar with peanut balls and CALL your hospital to make sure they have them available. If they don’t, ASK. The nurses probably already know about them, they just need the pressure from patients to get the balls available in their facility. Then, make sure they buy the highest quality balls from Cheri at Premier Birth Tools.

Amy L. Gilliland, WI

Ph.D., Doula Trainer


I received my package today and it’s a beautiful color you picked out for me! This will be super helpful for my pregnancy!! Thank you for going above and beyond with your customer service!!

Dajana Steele