Rebozo Positions 8 x 10 Chart


Illustrated Positions for the Rebozo



Rebozo Positional Chart, Laminated – $10.00

Includes 45 pictures representing 26 different positions using the rebozo. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor, pushing, and post partum.

8 X 10 laminated cards that are front and back. Names of each position. Perfect for your Doula Bag, Childbirth Education Class, midwives and labor and delivery nurses.

Available to download in PDF format – $8.00
Available to download in PDF format + Laminated – $16.00

Mexican Cotton Rebozo with Rebozo Chart – $49.99, save $5

Mexican Cotton Rebozo – $44.99

  • 100% cotton
  • Handcrafted by the indigenous artisan women of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Available in 8.9 ft long plus 4 inches of fringe on both ends
  • Full length of 114 inches x 26.8 inches wide
  • *Colors and patterns may vary from picture shown, depending on stock availability*

Rebozo Positional Chart, Laminated – $10.00

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